Windows Admin/Tech Support

Date: April 18, 2013

Location: Richmond, VA


Quantum Tech Staffing is seeking a Windows Server Administrator/Tech Support for a contract position in Richmond, VA

Roles and Responsibilities:
o Performs tasks of substantial difficulty primarily involving computer hardware and software configuration and maintenance. Provide technical support that is responsive to end user needs. Also provides secondary support for the phone system and the network.
o Serving primarily as helpdesk support, provides direct support and guidance regarding PC software and hardware.
o Provides other technical support to end-users and/or toward system maintenance as needed and/or assigned.
o Installs, troubleshoots, and repairs/oversees vendor repairs of PC hardware and software (including computers, monitors, cabling, cards, printers, memory, etc.).
o Assists in the maintenance of user access and security rights, critical network administrative functions, back-ups, etc.
o May design, coordinate, and perform individual or group computer-related training as assigned.
o Records and maintains inventory of all computer equipment.
o Track the relocation of PC hardware, software, and supplies, including peripherals such as printers, cabling, etc.
o Maintains database of user requests, problems, and programming requirements.
o May create and maintain MIS and user documentation material.
o Assists with CMHC systems software implementation, development, and maintenance.
o Assures compliance with agency policies and regulations in the execution of assigned duties.
o Perform other duties as assigned, in accordance with established policies and procedures.

General Requirements:
o Must possess a high school or general education diploma.
o Completion of at least an AS degree/certification in a computer related field is preferred, supplemented by formal computer training/course work.
o Experience working as a team member.
o Exceptional interpersonal skills would be advantageous.
o At least one year related work experience.
o Ability to conform to an established work schedule.
o Ability to communicate in a concise and effective manner.
o Ability to understand and follow instructions precisely.
o Ability to exercise tact and discretion.
o Effective interpersonal skills.
o Technical knowledge of PC hardware and software installation, operation, and support (including Office Suite, Microsoft Windows, and anti-virus software).
o Some knowledge of network architecture.
o Ability to interpret technical documents and computer terminology.

Working Conditions:
o Light lifting and carrying of work materials, including files, computers and peripheral equipment.
o Some travel by company vehicle within city may be necessary.
o Regular interruptions to assist fellow employees.
o May spend extended periods at terminal, or operating other office machines, requiring eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity.
o Subject to regular interruptions to handle emergency situations.

Special Requirements:
o Must maintain a telephone in residence for emergency contact.
o Must be a United States citizen.
o Incumbent must not have been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or no contest to, a felony or any offense.
o Must, at times, be able to work irregular hours.

Required skills:
o Windows Server, installation, support and administration – 3 years
o Windows networking support and configuration – 3 years
o MS Hyper-V installation, support and administration – 3 years
o Sharepoint support, installation, deployment and administration – 3 years
o MS Exchange server support and administration – 2 years
o MS Lync support, installation and administration – 3 years
o MS systems center support, administration and experience using system for deployments and systems management – 1 year
o Proficiency with MS Office and experience supporting it – 3 years
o Proficiency with Windows desktop operating system and experience with its deployment and support – 3 years
o Proficiency in supporting Windows terminal server users and its environment – 3 years – 3 years
o Experience supporting TCP/IP networking – 3 years
o Router and switch support and configuration – 3 years
o Network security experience – 3 years
o Cisco ASA VPN and firewall administration and support – 3 years
o Bachelor’s Degree in IT, CS or Engineering
o MCSE Preferred