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Technology is your expertise Talent is ours Meeting the technological staffing needs of fast growing companies.
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  • About Quantumtech

    QuantumTech Staffing (QuantumTS) is a privately owned company started in 2003 providing firms in the Washington DC Metro area with quality professionals. Our specialty is working with startups and emerging businesses to quickly staff their IT needs.

    In 1998 our founder started an IT company working with commercial and government clients. One of his main challenges was finding quality IT professionals. He decided to start his own recruiting company with his experience as an IT consultant. How do we recruit differently from other recruiting companies. We use a proprietary algorithm to match the candidates with the jobs based on a questionnaire we give our clients and prospective candidates. This reduces the time and money in getting the ideal client.

    At QuantumTS our mission is to provide technology staffing in order to assist our clients in achieving business critical solutions. By providing excellent customer service, innovation, experience of our staff and keeping clients at the center of our services, we will help businesses achieve their goals and consistently deliver a high return on investment QTS is a proud member of the American Staffing Association, which promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the $86 billion U.S. staffing industry. ASA members account for 85% of U.S. staffing industry sales and operate more than 15,000 offices throughout the nation. Some 2.7 million Americans go to work for U.S. staffing companies every business day.

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    Quantum's new Resource Center provides job seekers and employers with sets of tools to assist companies manage their human capital, from selecting, managing and keeping their employees as well as assist future employees with a set of tools that help them find work. Check out our Free resume builder

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    The brilliant innovators who launch tech startups may not have significant experience managing the security, privacy, or compliance issues that are inherent with a growing technology business. Although these businesses are able to attract considerable amounts of funding and woo well-known customers, there may be material issues under the surface that would seriously undermine the trust of their investors and customers. Businesses that lack a mature information security program may experience security breaches, mishandle their customers' personally identifiable information,or fail to meet compliance requirements. Management will need to address security, privacy, and compliance considerations throughout the life cycle of the company, starting with the initial business plan. How the company will manage security, privacy, and compliance will evolve as the company matures. Click here to read more about this...